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National FCE Provider Network

A National PT Provider Network


Exclusively focused on Return-to-Work Functional Capacity Evaluation & Physical Therapy


The dFCE Network is exclusively focused on diagnostic functional capability testing for disability application.


* Functional Capacity Evaluation

* Physical Therapy

* Pre & Post Employment Physical Testing

* Job Site Analysis

* IME Coordinated FCE Testing

NOTE: The dFCE Group network does not provide clinical physical therapy treatment. FCE Testing is administered by an independent, objective clinician that is not involved in clinical patient care.


The Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a comprehensive series of performance-based tests that help objectively measure injured employees' physical abilities. The tests gauge physical strength, range of motion, stamina, and tolerance of functional activities, including pushing, pulling, lifting, and carrying.

Through the FCE, Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers' well-trained, professional staff identifies safe work performance abilities. This process helps determine the necessity for work restrictions (if any) and options for return-to-work.

WorkPoint FCE Protocol powered by Testing Technologies



  • Musculoskeletal evaluation (looks specifically at strength, posture, flexibility, gait, sensation, and reflexes)
  • Validity of effort testing (includes a battery of 15 to 25 objective, research-based tests)
  • Cardiovascular/endurance testing
  • Functional/work tolerance testing
  • Functional mobility testing
  • Body mechanics assessment
  • Observation of patient traits & behaviors

The dFCE Provider Network is comprised of FCE evaluators trained to utilized the proprietary WorkPoint evaluation protocol, powered by Testing Technologies, LLC.