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A National PT Provider Network


Exclusively focused on Return-to-Work Functional Capacity Evaluation & Physical Therapy

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An Elite Physical Therapy Provider Network,

Addressing Workers’ Compensation & Disability in Innovative Ways.

Coordinated through the Authorized Treating Physician and/or an Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) Provider, Functional Capacity Evaluations can offer objective documentation of a patients physical capacity to preform work duties. dFCE Network clinical providers specialize in work capacity evaluation.

Still in the recovery phase? Trust our team to coordinate return-to-work focused outpatient physical rehabilitation and treatment.

“When is an FCE useful?” 
  • When clarification on an employee's capacity to perform certain physical activities related to occupational duties & capacity to work is needed

  • When there is a discrepancy between the subjective complaints and other objective clinical or non-clinical factors.

  • When objective data is needed to determine Permanent and Partial Disability (PPD) per American Medical Association’s Permanent Impairment Evaluation guidelines.

  • To measure an individual's progress in recovery and for vocational planning, alternate job placement or future rehabilitation decisions


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