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The DefinedFCE Group is dedicated to applying innovation and technology to create unique health care solutions. Nothing is off the table when it comes to improving the overall patient or claim payer experience. Dream it, share it and we’ll help build it. It’s that simple.
dFCE Excelent FCE Service

Functional capability testing protocols have long been recognized as a standard to address patient physical function and limitations. Now, using internet based technology it is easier than ever to establish affordable consistent delivery systems. Portable test administration, real time report access and reliable results are just a few of the benefits that makes the dFCE Group a first choice for all your FCE diagnostic testing needs.

The dFCE Network of PT providers was devised to solve a specific challenge facing employers, physicians and claims professionals today.  With significant cost riding on disability outcomes, how can Functional Capacity Evaluation processes be improved to give greater access and efficiency?

Traditionally FCE Testing has been provided by a relatively small percentage of physical therapists that are willing to accept workers’ compensation or disability benefits who afford the expensive equipment and time required. Thanks to new technology and input from a dedicated group of, employees, employers, primary care physicians, PT clinicians, IT experts, claims folks and the legal community – the WorkPoint, mobile FCE protocol was conceived.




The ever-growing network of physical therapists who specialize in handle RTW FCE patient referrals are our inspiration. All parties to a claim (employee, employer, physician & payor) continue to set the highest standards for FCE coverage, service and results that we strive to achieve.